Sunday, April 09, 2006

Welcome to building

This blog tracks the progress of, a website that I have built lets you copy and paste between computers. I believe that is an innovative and useful web site. My hope is that one day thousands of people will visit and use, and that It will improve there lives in some small way.

So I’ve build the site, everything works. Now what? How do I get people to use it? How do I get the word out? And how do I do this on my current marketing budget? (Which is zero dollars by the way.)

I’m going to start off by posting what has been done so far in terms of marketing.

Feb 28, 2006

Started promoting as the worlds largest notebook

Posted an entry on

Tech Support

I use to help move settings. For example when I need to setup someone’s email I copy the settings to and then use them on the other guy’s machine. It’s great! I’ve also used it to move small files around when firewalls get in the way.

Check it out

Also posted a link on under notebook software.

I also submitted a story to and a comment on This is what happened.

Feb 28 - Slashdot / 43Folders
Unique IP's 107, Clips 17
March 1 -
Unique IP’s 124, Clips 10
March 2 - None
Unique IP's 43 Clips 12
March 3 - None
Unique IP's 12 Clips 1
March 4 - None
Unique IP's 6 Clips 0
March 5 - None
Unique IP's 5 Clips 2
march 6 - None
Unique IP's 19 Clips 1
March 7 - None
Unique IP's 16 Clips 5

Not bad, but really just a trickle.

Not much happened until I noticed the Joel, from has just started up I quickly posted a link to clip and remained on the hope page for about a day

2413 Hits 432 Ip's and 81 Clips made.

That’s a bit better.

My stats for March came in at.

Unique Visitor (IP/Agent String) 974 Hits 3750

Still just a trickle. I figure I need 10000 unique visitors a month before I can start selling ad space. Which in itself will be another problem to conquer.

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