Monday, April 17, 2006

Recent Changes:

Link to quick silver plug-in on the 'more' page
cl1p's with passwords must have password entered before editing
Password can be changed
Keep For option can be changed
Restrict Views option can be changed


danny said...

Excellent concept, I love it. One question though, roughly how long does Keep for "As long as possible" really mean? I assume more than 2 weeks? thanks!

Rob said...

Right now its set to 1 year minimum.

Igor said...

Just this morning I contemplated how to move some long url from my Mac to my PC and after a three or four very complex scenarios I just gave up.

And now I found Cool.

Anyway, site renders nice in IE/Win and Safari/Mac but on IE/Mac looks strange - Restrict views: & Keep are placed outside of the visible area (on my 17" LCD).

Rob said...

Thanks Igor,

I'll take a look at the HTML.