Friday, July 13, 2007

Improved Unicode support

Up till now non ASCII characters have not worked with With the latest patch they should all work properly.

Please let me know if any characters do not work.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Site upgraded

I've just finished upgrading the site. A number of new features where installed.

1. Plain Text and Rich Text cl1ps have a status indicator which shows a cl1ps editable status.
  • Editable - You may edit this cl1p
  • Editing - You are editing this cl1p.
  • Read only - Someone else is editing this cl1p.

If you try to modify a cl1p that someone else is editing you will get a message. 'Failed to get lock on the cl1p.' In this case you need to wait until the status changes to editable. Once the cl1p is editable the content will update automatically to the latest value.

2. New Rich Text Editor

3. UI Improvements, all options except for keep for have been moved into an options popup.

4. E-mail retrieval for lost cl1p passwords.

5. Improved admin