Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Help and User Guide

I've added help and user guide pages to cl1p. If you think something is missing, or would like additional information, please leave a message after this post.

User Guide



Anonymous said...

hey, cl1p.net is nice.
(heard about it from scott hanselman)

i think that you should write to joel spolsky and talk about how his copilot product can hook into cl1p.net.

you provide a service that is particularly useful when using copilot.

best of luck


Rob said...

Hmmm, hook into copilot, what a great idea.

Thanks for using cl1p!

Anonymous said...

oh -- some background to this suggestion:
my boss was using copilot to install some software of ours at a client site.

she was complaining that copilot didn't have a shared clipboard.

now one thing that a copilot client computer always has is an internet connection.

suddenly scott hanselman's voice started coming out of my mouth and i was all

"maan, let me tell about this great new utility, it's the bomb, this thing is pure s*x, it's called cl1p.net, that cee-ell-one-pee dot net, and..."

it was a fine hanselminute.


shuffletown said...

Hey I love this clipboard and will use it pretty often.
Thanks mate.


© 2006 Japie Krekel

Max Prat Carrabin said...

I love your site (great idea!) but why is the Text Area so small ?

I'd love it to take as much height as possible. I have only a dozen of lines here... and it's not very practical. Can you try to fix this when you have some time ?

Maybe it's my navigator ? I'm under Camino (Mac OS X).

Great job,

Rob said...

I'm taking a look at making the text area bigger along with some other changes now.

Stay tuned, changes are coming!

jrm said...

In Windows, the clipboard is cleared when another is pasted or the machine is powered down, right? Does the paste to cl1p.net without a copy leave it? Does the copy (from another machine, for example) clear the URL making it available for someone else?

Anonymous said...

In the user guide,
*** but the forum will mes up the formatting. ***

mes should be mess